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Delta Remediation (Delta) and the University of Calgary (U of C) Department of GeoScience are formalizing their third research project, this time in the field of Produced Water (Sodium Chloride) remediation.

The research team is seeking both contaminated soils and interested industry partners for this upcoming research project. Please contact Delta Remediation through its web form if you have contaminated soils both Hydrocarbon and or Salt impacted.

Leveraged government funding will likely be secured for this research and in kind will also honored. Please contact Delta Remediation if you are interested in this research opportunity.


In 2018 and 2019 The University of Calgary and Delta Remediation completed 2 phases of research successfully improving the performance of BioLogix hydrocarbon remediation technology.

This upcoming Winter season will provide an opportunity for the research team at Delta to get back to the lab developing much-needed technology for the challenge of Sodium Chloride Remediaiton

Please email info (at) for more info.



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