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Oil Spill Cleanup and Sulfolane Remediation

Oil Spill Cleanup

The use of pipelines to distribute oil comes with the risk of potential spills and sulfolane contamination. When a spill or contamination occurs, it can have disastrous effects on the environment, as well as toxic effects on local wildlife and plants. Being able to efficiently remove oil or sulfolane without doing additional harm to the environment is crucial. At Delta Remediation, we offer natural and effective methods of handling oil spill cleanup Alberta, as well as remediation for sulfolane contamination.

Benefits of Natural Sulfolane Remediation and Oil Spill Cleanups

The use of bio remediation for cleaning up sulfolane contamination or oil spills provides an eco-friendly way to protect the environment from further damage. When these disasters occur, Delta Remediation makes use of naturally occurring microbes to eliminate sulfolane and clean up oil spills. This helps protect local plants and animals from harm and keeps damage to the environment at a minimum. This method of cleanup and sulfolane remediation in Alberta is also a cost-effective one, which can help you save money while also helping the environment.

How Natural Remediation and Cleanup Works

At Delta Remediation, we use Biologix technology to provide safe and environmentally friendly remediation and cleanup methods. We use specific microbe strains that target pollutants, including sulfolane, in the environment and eliminate them. These microbes then die off and do not cause any harm to wildlife and plants in the affected area. Our remediation and cleanup methods also pose no threat to humans.

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