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Oil Seepage Cleanup from a Broken Pipeline into a Wetland

Bioaugmentation was achieved with BioLogix to remediate petroleum seepage on a remote wetland site to protect local natural resources.  On-going seepage was collected in a pit to control surface flow.  BioLogix was added to the pit and the ground surface where seepage was occurring.

oil seepage cleanup
Before Treatment
Oil and Grease 10,987 mg/L. TPH 3,132 mg/L


oil seepage cleanup
After 6 days.
Oil and Grease 2,904 mg/L. TPH 1,319 mg/L


oil seepage cleanup
After 12 days. Oil and Grease 2,904 mg/L TPH 1,319 mg/L

After 6 days the water in the pit was visibly cleaner.  Laboratory analysis of samples taken from the pit confirmed the decrease in oil and grease and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH). After 12 days the floating oil layer was gone and laboratory testing showed that the microorganisms reduced the oil and grease and TPH concentrations to less than the detection limits.

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