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Groundwater and Water Remediation

Hydrocarbons and other pollutants can contaminate water and groundwater, making it unsafe for consumption and causing harm to the environment. Removing these contaminants using natural processes helps preserve the environment and minimizes the amount of damage caused by hydrocarbons and pollutants. At Delta Remediation, we offer natural groundwater and water remediation BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Benefits of Natural Remediation in Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta
If you have pollutants contaminating water supplies and groundwater on your property, using bioremediation or natural remediation Saskatchewan offers some important benefits compared to other methods of removing contaminants. At Delta Remediation, we use natural microbial cultures to safely remove contaminants in water and groundwater without putting local flora and fauna at risk. These cultures offer an effective method of eliminating hydrocarbons in a cost-effective manner. In addition to cleaning the water or groundwater on your property, this method also helps reduce your carbon footprint in order to benefit the environment overall.

Our Method of Water Remediation in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan
At Delta Remediation, our method of water remediation Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan differs from other companies in important ways. Our company only uses specific strains of microbes that are found naturally and are known to fully eliminate hydrocarbons. We also use surfactants that are specially designed to penetrate deeper areas of contamination, which helps ensure that hydrocarbons are thoroughly removed from the affected area. Our method offers a higher degree of effectiveness over other ways of removing hydrocarbons and other pollutants from water and groundwater.

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If you need water or groundwater remediation Alberta, BC or Saskatchewan, please contact Delta Remediation. We offer safe and effective bioremediation services to help protect the environment.

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