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Delta Remediation Partners with BullHorn Bio-Remediation to Bring Indigenous Environmental Services to the Canadian Marketplace

Providing Naturally Amplified Solutions for Effective Remediation

Effective April 30, 2021 – Delta Remediation Inc, a leader in bioremediation, officially entered a strategic partnership with BullHorn Bio-Remediation to provide Canadian industrial sectors with a variety of innovative environmental products and services. The BullHorn Delta partnership is majority-owned by BullHorn Bio-Remediation making the partnership applicable for indigenous engagement and ESG credit. 

The BullHorn Delta Partnership was created to provide safe and environmentally friendly remediation technologies to Canadian industrial clients. Providing both environmental technology and corporate support, Delta Remediation has joined with BullHorn as a strategy to reflect the current realities of the need for capacity-building within indigenous communities as well as reconciliation through local economic development.

Establishing a sustainable relationship with the land and environment from a symbiotic perspective has always been the approach of the Siksikai’tsitapii, (Blackfoot people). The significance of this relationship is maintained through the many ceremonies and traditional harvesting practices of the Siksikai’tsitapii. This process is also shared amongst the many Indigenous nations throughout this vast land of North America so the creation of the 100% owned and operated BullHorn Bio-Remediation company, will become a perfect fit in terms of environmentally friendly restoration processes. 

Through this partnership, BullHorn Bio-Remediation obtains the rights to utilize the entire line of Delta Remediation products and services in Canada as well as other markets in which BullHorn Bio-Remediation operates. Delta Remediation will support BullHorn Bio-Remediation with technical support, project management, and execution as well as technology supply. One of the primary endeavors of the partnership is to create employment opportunities for all locals in the communities in which the partnership operates. Delta Remediation and BullHorn Bio-Remediation have arranged and agreed to an innovative and equitable partnership model where both companies are contributing equally to the business partnership. 

About BullHorn Bio-Remediation

Establishing environmentally friendly approaches to remediation is the primary objective for the BullHorn Bio-Remediation corporation. When the founders of the BullHorn Bio-Remediation members heard there was a need for abandoned oil wells site reclamation they immediately assembled and sought out a partner who embodies the same environmentally friendly approaches to sustaining the land. This process encompasses an approach that is rooted in the cultural teachings of the Siksikai’tsitapii who understand that everything, from the air we breathe to the smallest of particles are interconnected in a reciprocal relationship that heeds special attention. This is all done with the intent to sustain life for all species for as long as possible.

Located in Southern Alberta, the Blood Tribe – Kainai First Nation is home to 13,000 members. The founders of the BullHorn Bio-Remediation corporation are all 100% members of the Blood Tribe and were raised with the traditional teachings passed on for many generations. Members of the corporation are also creators of the internationally known competitive drum group, the BullHorn Singers. Their strong cultural roots have been taught by the many elders and knowledge holders of the Blood Tribe and as well the Blackfoot Confederacy.

About Delta Remediation

Delta Remediation is headquartered in Edmonton Alberta but has operations in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, China, Korea, Brazil, Germany, Austria, and Oman.

Specializing in bioremediation, Delta Remediation has created an amplified natural process to handle hydrocarbon contaminants on-site and in a short time period. Delta’s proprietary bioremediation process known as BioLogix eliminates liability and creates economic savings when compared to conventional methods such as landfilling.

Delta’s newest technology is the ScreenLogix® test kit for field analysis (screening) of soil samples for petroleum hydrocarbon detection in real-time. Delta Remediation is also the Canadian distributor for HalenHardy® offering innovative containment and absorbent solutions. The range of products includes spill absorption pads, rugs, pans, track mats, and kits that are specifically designed for containing and cleaning up soil and water spills in the outdoors.

Since its inception, Delta Remediation has provided safe and environmentally friendly remediation technologies to Canadian and international markets and has often pivoted to reflect current realities. In 2020, the company developed the ScreenLogix Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) soil test kit as an accurate, sensitive, and inexpensive tool for the assessment of contamination in soil and by hydrocarbon compounds. With ScreenLogix finding direct applicability into the spill response industry, the opportunity to offer innovative containment and absorption technologies was a strategic move for the company.

Eco-Friendly Products 

All of Delta Remediations’ remediation cultures are non-pathogenic and utilize natural, non-GMO organisms. All remediation chemicals are non-hazardous and biodegradable in 28 days or less.

Advanced Bioremediation Technology 

Through validated research with top Canadian Universities, paired with an ideology of continuous product improvement, Delta Remediation has the most advanced bioremediation technology on the market.

Setting the Benchmark of Quality and Assurance 

BioLogix® products are manufactured and packaged with the industry’s highest level of care and diligence to ensure that there are never pathogens present and that cell counts meet or exceed advertised levels.

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