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Delta Remediation Featured in ES&E Magazine (In Situ Bio Remediation)

Delta Remediationsbioremediation technology was showcased in the April 2017 issue of Environmental Science and Engineering (ES&E) Magazine. The article located on page 30 of the issue features a case study where Delta Remediation injected BioLogix microbes through 11 injection points on the contaminated portions of the property.

The site featured in the article was located in Alberta Canada, but cannot be specifically identified for confidentiality reasons. The In Situ treatment showed great reductions in hydrocarbons over a 15-month period at which point all criteria were met and the remediation was completed.  The magazine and complete article can be found by clicking HERE.

The article has been attached to this post, (please see the link below) but we would encourage our readers to view the full magazine as there are many other articles that are well worth a look in this special “Water Technologies” issue of ES&E magazine.

Delta Remediation Article

Bioremediation Alberta
ESE Magazine Article
Bioremediation Alberta
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