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Delta Remediation is Featured by the Government of Canada as a Leader in the Cleantech (Energy) Sector

Alberta’s Clean Resource Innovation Network and the government of Canada’s Trade Commissioners Service recently published a brochure highlighting Canadian companies that have developed innovative technologies that are being adopted on a global scale.

Delta Remediation was proud to be featured alongside other Canadian Environmental leaders such as Ages Thermal Processing and Maapera Analytics .

Delta Remediation is headquartered in Edmonton Alberta but has operations in Nigeria, Kenya, China, Korea, Brazil, Germany, and Oman.

Specializing in bioremediation, Delta Remediation has created an amplified natural process to handle hydrocarbon contaminants on-site and in a short time period. Delta’s proprietary bioremediation process known as BioLogix eliminates liability and creates economic savings when compared to conventional methods such as landfilling.

Delta’s secondary technologies include the EcoBinder for liquid waste solidification as well as the Screen Logix Field analysis tool for screening soil samples for petroleum hydrocarbons in real-time. Delta Remediation is also a distributor for Ultratech International and Green Ocean Absorbents, offering innovative containment and absorbent solutions.

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