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Delta Remediation Engages as Advanced Business Match (ABM)

Delta Remediation Engages as Advanced Business Match (ABM) Powerhouse partner to deliver Environmental Services Business Matching Sessions

About ABM
The Advanced Business Match (ABM) is a powerful online and in-person network that connects decision-makers
to create opportunities for business.

ABM combines custom technology with in-depth market knowledge to eliminate the high costs and guesswork of
conventional relationship development.

By understanding the motivations and priorities of each of its members, ABM curates an exceedingly productive
network of professionals who are motivated and ready to move their business goals forward.
As an Indigenous company, ABM operates with the ultimate aim of achieving regenerative economies that create
equitable prosperity for all.

Through the ABM Network, its members can realize their full potential by connecting with exceptional companies
and communities in a highly concentrated way.

Online Event Series Information
Business Opportunities in Environmental Services

  • presented in partnership with Delta Remediation and Milestone Environmental –
    Dates (all 9 am to 1 pm PT)
    • Thursday, April 29 Environmental Services in Oil & Gas: Business and Partnership Opportunities
    • Thursday, July 29 Environmental Services in Mining: Business and Partnership Opportunities
    • Thursday, October 28 Environmental Services in Oil & Gas: Business and Partnership Opportunities
    • Thursday, January 6 Environmental Services in Forestry: Business and Partnership Opportunities
    This event is about trends, products, services, business opportunities and partnerships in environmental
    You should attend if you:
    • offer or procure remediation services and products;
    • are interested in forming joint ventures to increase your capacity to supply industry and to access new
    • want to develop collaborations that generate new revenue streams;
    • want to create training and employment opportunities;
    • are looking for relationships with companies offering complementing products and services; and/or
    • want to take the lead in remediation projects in your territory.
    For questions, please contact Katrin Harry, Managing Partner with ABM, at [email protected]
    or 604-483-6421.

“In ABM’s curated online environment, I can make valuable connections that would take much more extensive
effort otherwise. ABM accelerates business development.” – Robert Lacey, President, Delta Remediation

“I have been attending ABM in person and online consistently since 2014. ABM is an effective forum to create and
maintain relationships and to do business.” Gavin Domitter, Indigenous Relations & Business Development,
Milestone Environmental

Business Opportunities in Environmental Services at ABM Information Webinar

Delta Remediation, Milestone Environmental and ABM are hosting this Lunch-hour (MST) webinar on Monday,
April 12!
In preparation for the upcoming Environmental Services sessions, ABM is providing interested parties with a free
information webinar where parties will learn more about ABM as well as their customized platform which allows
for businesses and communities to connect and engage.
• 12 pm MT (11 am PT)
• 45 minutes
• by Zoom
• Introductions
• ABM Software Demo
• ABM Curation Methodology
• Q&A
Meet the ABM team, learn about how ABM works, what the ABM curation methodology is about, and what results
you can expect. Free of course.
Register here!
Questions? [email protected] or 604-483-3532

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