Delta Remediation

Hydrocarbon Remediation Case Studies

Railroad spill seepage lnapl treatment

During this railroad spill seepage BioLogix was implemented to remediate and cleanup fuel spilled at the site. Impacted soil in the spill area was excavated for off-site disposal. The fuel, however, percolated into underlying soil, migrated in the subsurface and seeped back to the surface, forming a sheen on the water of an adjacent pond.

in-situ biologix application

A pipeline break that affected a total volume of approximately 2,400 m3 in western Alberta. The environment and ground type was muskeg/old growth mosses, ferns, and lichens, as well as small grasses and shrubs.

Biologix remediation california

BioLogix bioremediation was used to remediate petroleum contaminated soil and ground water to facilitate property redevelopment and meet regulatory obligations at sites throughout the US.

Stettler biologix application

Located in Stettler, AB. Site was contaminated with BTEX/F1-F4 with BTEX/F1&F2 exceeding criteria. BioLogix was applied with a pump and hose spray while excavator bucket mixed in BioLogix solution with soils

Sodium Chloride Remediation Case Studies

Hiland faye biologix salt binder

The area known as the Faye 1-28 tank battery in NW Oklahoma had been contaminated with multiple barrels of salt water. The patches of soil were then treated with BIOLOGIX SALT BINDER in February of 2008.

Hiland EC biologix salt binder

The area had been contaminated with multiple barrels of salt water, and the ground was tested on April 14, 2008 with chloride levels as high as 29,100ppm. The soil was then treated with BIOLOGIX SALT BINDER on the same day.

chesapeake biologix salt binder

The area outside the Mighty Mouser tank battery had been contaminated with multiple barrels of salt water that was tested at approximately 22,570 ppm chlorides. The patches of soil were then treated with BIOLOGIX SALT BINDER in March of 2007.

Saltwater remediation enviro clean

Client contacted Enviro Clean Services (ECS) concerning a need for a site investigation at the impacted location. Client asked for samples to be collected to determine the extent of the contamination.

Saltwater remediation harper country

ECS was on site to perform the hand auger sampling on December 31, 2009 and January 26, 2010. Samples were collected and analyzed for Total Soluble Salts (TSS).

Eastern hopeton plant spill

The area outside the tank battery on the plant had been contaminated with multiple barrels of salt water, and the ground was tested on March 2, 2007 with chloride levels as high as 38,515ppm.

Oklahoma corporation commission

The results indicate a starting chloride level of 72 ppm and a total soluble salt level of 740 ppm. The same patch of soil was then inoculated with three different liquid samples, representative of waste generated from an oil rig.

Chlorinated Solvent Remediation Case Studies

Bioremediation following dual phase vacuum extraction

BioLogix CL® bioremediation was implemented at a dry cleaners site in Houston, Texas to reduce residual PCE and other chlorinated solvent concentrations in groundwater following dual phase vacuum extraction.

The remediation with biologix cl bioremediation

BioLogix CL® bioaugmentation was implemented in combination with dual phase extraction at an industrial site near Houston, Texas to remove trichloroethylene (TCE) from ground water.

Dry cleaning site remediation

Dry cleaning solvents were found in the ground water at a shopping center at the former location of a dry cleaning facility at commercial shopping center in Miami, Florida.

Bioremediation of industrial solvents

Leaks from an aboveground solvent tank impacted soil and ground water quality at a manufacturing site in Illinois. The impact was found under the adjoining building as well as the area near the tank.

Combined Air Sparging & Bioaugmentation

The natural attenuation of trichloroethylene(TCE) left high concentrations of 1,2-dichloroethylene (1,2-DCE) and vinyl chloride in soil and ground water at a printing company.

chlorinated solvents contamination

Chlorinated solvents were found in soil and ground water beneath a drum storage area at a manufacturing facility in central Indiana. The contamination was mainly found in the uppermost occurrence of ground water in an intratill silty sand formation.