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Delta Bio Remediation goes viral on Facebook

The Delta team met with Mike Holmes and his team earlier this season to look at remediation and cleanup options for the Fort McMurray AB wildfire. Delta’s Bio Remediation technology could be used to clean up residual oil spills, diesel spills, or other hydrocarbon spills that were the result of the fire, and concrete foundations could be […]

DELTA in the news!

A recent article in a local newspaper regarding DELTA’s sustainable options for contaminated soil remediation. Click HERE to read the article.  

F4 Field Services is now DELTA Remediation!

We are very pleased to announce that we have completed our transition and re-branding from F4 Field Services to DELTA Remediation. During this transition we have strengthened our relationships with our vendors and have added depth to our technical expertise to ensure we offer the best products and services to our clients.

Railroad Spill Seepage LNAPL Treatment

During this railroad spill seepage BioLogix was implemented to remediate and cleanup fuel spilled at the site.  Impacted soil in the spill area was excavated for off-site disposal.  The fuel, however, percolated into underlying soil, migrated in the subsurface and seeped back to the surface, forming a sheen on the water of an adjacent pond. The […]

Remote Sump Closure

During this remote sump closure BioLogix was successfully used to remediate a remote oil field sump previously left untreated for decades.  Closure required all non-utilized oil production sumps closed to a cleanup standard of <1% concentration.  Successful and timely closures were achieved with BioLogix. The timeframe for successful closure varied with the sump size and level […]

Drainage Ditch Soil Treatment

BioLogix has been used for soil treatment, the bioremediation of surface spills and TPH accumulation in drainage ditches and maintenance areas. Using a simple manual sprayer, BioLogix is applied to the soil surface. The microbes begin bioremediation immediately. The following chart shows the results of the application of 10 gallons of BioLogix to petroleum contaminated […]