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Delta Remediation Engages as Advanced Business Match (ABM) Powerhouse partner to deliver Environmental Services Business Matching Sessions

About ABMThe Advanced Business Match (ABM) is a powerful online and in-person network that connects decision-makersto create opportunities for business. ABM combines custom technology with in-depth market knowledge to eliminate the high costs and guesswork ofconventional relationship development. By understanding the motivations and priorities of each of its members, ABM curates an exceedingly productivenetwork of […]

Delta Remediation and HalenHardy Partner to Provide Effective Spill Response Products to Canadian Market

ALBERTA, March 1, 2021 – Delta Remediation Inc, a global leader in bioremediation and environmental technologies officially entered the emergency spill response market through a strategic partnership with HalenHardy, renowned disruptors in the spill response industry throughout the United States and abroad.  On the 17th of March, Delta Remediation and HalenHardy are collaborating on a […]

Spot the Differences: Contrasting Various Bioremediation Techniques

Remediation, the process by which contamination is removed from soils and water, can be confusing to both environmentalists and non-environmentalists. Even more complicated is a subset of remediation – Bioremediation. This obscurity is exasperated by the fact that all forms of bioremediation include the use of living organisms (biological microbes) to remove or reduce harmful […]

Wanted: Contaminated Soil

Delta Remediation (Delta) and the University of Calgary (U of C) Department of GeoScience are formalizing their third research project, this time in the field of Produced Water (Sodium Chloride) remediation. The research team is seeking both contaminated soils and interested industry partners for this upcoming research project. Please contact Delta Remediation through its web […]

Delta Remediation Featured by the Government of Canada as a Leader in the Cleantech (Energy) Sector

Alberta’s Clean Resource Innovation Network and the .government of Canada’s Trade Commissioners Service recently published a brochure highlighting Canadian companies who have developed innovative technologies that are being adopted on a global scale. Delta Remediation was proud to be featured alongside other Canadian Environmental leaders such as Ages Thermal Processing and Maapera Analytics . Delta […]

Delta Remediation Saves Hundreds of Thousands for NWT Client

Delta Remediation has successfully completed bioremediation of long-chain (F1-F4G) hydrocarbons in Canada’s Arctic. Using its’ proprietary BioLogix technology to reclaim over 1,400 cubic meters of contaminated soils saving almost $200,000 after all expenses associated with the bioremediation treatment. Located near Lac de Gras within the Northwest Territories, Canada approximately 300 km north of Yellowknife and […]

Delta Remediation BioLogix Successfully Degrades Long Chain Hydrocarbons (C50+) In High-Temperature Environment

As the developed world has created the need for energy, one of the most challenging environmental problems today is hydrocarbon contamination resulting from the activities related to the petrochemical industry.  Hydrocarbon based waste streams (created in the exploration and production of petroleum products) are especially problematic given that hydrocarbon components are been known to be […]

Delta Remediation presents bioaugumentation to Chem 300 students at the University of Alberta

Delta Remediation was invited to guest lecture at an Industrial Chemistry class Monday, September 18th 2017. Presentation intent was to give students an overview of Delta’s technology and industrial applications. Delta has an existing relationship with the University via Dr Michael Serpe (Serpe Group). Delta and the Serpe Group are currently collaborating on research with […]

Delta Remediation is Awarded combined Federal and Provincial Grants for Bioremediation & Nanotechnology Research with the University of Alberta (via The Serpe Group)

Delta Remediation is proud to announce that it was recently awarded combined federal & provincial grants for R&D initiatives as regards Bioremediation, Nanotechnology and BioLogix technology. NSERC (Federal) and Alberta Innovates (Provincial) are providing research funding for this work with the University. Objectives of the research include; To further optimize BioLogix BioRemediation via studying peak inoculation […]